Team Red

What are we working on?

Create Your Own Survey

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to create your own survey whenever you want to, wherever you want to, and however you want to?

This is what Create Your Own Survey is designed to do. Create Your Own Survey enables the customer to create their own personalized survey. In the first step, they build a questionnaire by selecting questions from our validated library. Then, they select the survey participants and choose the starting and closing dates.

There are a lot of systems behind Create Your Own Survey. To make sure the applications and services are easy to maintain and scale, we are creating (and moving existing applications to) an event-driven microservices architecture. To do this, we get to experiment with and use many innovative technologies. This is a fun but quite challenging project. Each team works independently within their own domain, while maintaining a close collaboration with all other teams to ensure quality of the overall architecture.

The Team

  • Johannes Ouendag
    Johannes Ouendag

    Developer / team lead

  • Pavol Vasko
    Pavol Vasko


  • Reinier van Duijn
    Reinier van Duijn


  • Thimo van Leeuwen
    Thimo van Leeuwen


  • Tiago Martins
    Tiago Martins


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